• Town of Mosman Park Council: Declare a Climate Emergency
    We are facing a climate catastrophe. A consensus of expert and scientific opinion has warned that we have less than 12 years to take immediate action on climate change or we face the complete collapse of our environment and society. We can already see its effects around us – devastating droughts, floods, bushfires and a reef just barely clinging to life. We are so lucky to live in a community graced with a river, an ocean and bushland teeming with a myriad of flora and fauna. All of this is under threat unless we act now without delay. Hundred of cities and councils have already declared climate emergencies and they are making a vital contribution to address to the climate crisis. Let us heed the Cities of Fremantle, Vincent and the Town of Victoria Park in taking this crucial step to secure a liveable planet, delivering green jobs and other economic benefits and improving the lives of the people living in our community. By declaring a climate emergency, this council will show our community, the State and Federal Government that urgent, immediate action is needed to restore a safe and healthy planet for ourselves and generations to come.
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  • End Native Forest Logging by 2020
    Australia is facing an extinction crisis. The rapid race towards species extinction is escalating exponentially, because of the removal of native forests on an industrial scale. This country can no longer support industrialised logging practices that remove habitat at such a pace that the Swift Parrot, the Leadbeater's Possum, the Spotted Quoll and even the Koala will soon be extinct unless we stop native forest logging by 2020. Many other species throughout the country are rapidly joining the extinction queue. A transition to sustainably managed plantation can support our needs for timber and protect forestry worker's jobs. There is more employment in keeping our forests standing than cutting them down. The chip mills which export 40 million tonnes of Australian native forest for as little as $4.60 per tonne must cease. A substantial amount of each tree cut down is dumped on the forest floor, leaving hillside after hillside virtually bare of vegetation, out of the public eye, as a tremendous fire risk and a horrifying waste that is a national disgrace. Forests must remain standing as carbon sinks to offset climate change; and to provide wilderness for future generations of humans and wildlife. We must meet our international obligations to protect our threatened species - one step further is EXTINCTION.
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  • Remediate the Northern Power Station site and save Bird Lake
    Port Augusta continues to suffer the economic, health and environmental consequences of the closure of the local coal-fired power station. The ash dam is no longer being kept damp to control dust and just after Christmas in 2016, horrible fly ash coated our houses and businesses - while Bird Lake, which used to receive the water that flowed over the ash dam to keep it wet, is now so dry it causes an unimaginable smell to waft across the town. Since that first Christmas we have suffered multiple dust storms, including as recently as 27th December 2017 - exactly one year after our town was subjected to its first torment. How long must we live in uncertainty and fear? The next premier of SA - ALP, SA Best or Liberal - needs to commit to full and proper remediation of the site and rescue our community from the science experiment Flinders Power and the EPA have left us in for the past 2 years. Full and proper remediation must include: The restoration of the physical site, including Bird Lake and the ash dams, to a best practice standard, independently verified and in consultation with the community. This includes short term management measures to deal with dust events. Investigation and remedying of health effects caused by the plant and its closure. First priority given to the safety and wellbeing of the community during the process. For the health of the community, Port Augusta must not be subjected to another horrific event where dust and stench become part of our everyday living. We call on the government to fix this mess once and for all so that the community can move forward together.
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