• Make our plastic waste an election issue
    Australia's plastic waste is polluting other countries and ultimately marine animals as well. After seeing 60 Minutes' episode on "Australia’s recycling lie exposed: Plastics being dumped, buried and burned in Malaysia", I'm deeply disappointed that Australia's recycling efforts during the past 20 years has amounted to sending recycling waste to China, and now India, Malaysia and Vietnam. The material is either burnt, lying about illegally on farms, buried or ultimately ending up in oceans. As Australians, we CAN DO something wonderful about this problem: I/we respectfully ask our government to BUILD our own plastic recycling or waste infrastructure and CREATE more jobs in this sector here in Australia - politicians are missing out on such a WONDERFUL opportunity, and the whole country is behind this concept. As the writer of this petition, this time I'm voting for the party that promises action on this. Our 'Green Australia', should not occur at the expense of other people and other countries. We as a country want so much more than a "pass the buck" attitude from our Governments. The past 20 years seems to be a lie, and Australians care about others. Very respectfully - a deeply concerned citizen
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  • Political parties: Stop accepting donations from cancer causing Monsanto now!
    The Four Corners report told the heart breaking story of Dewayne, a school janitor in the US. Dewayne successfully sued Monsanto after the common round up herbicide found on our supermarket shelves was found to cause his terminal cancer. Later in the show, it was revealed that our politicians who are supposed to represent Australians have been accepting huge donations from American owned Monsanto lobby firm - Croplife. We have done it before, when tobacco firms where found to cause cancer, Australians came together to ban them from donating to our political parties. If enough of us come together we can create enough pressure to force political parties to stop accepting the profits of Monsanto’s cancer causing products. Sign and share the petitions now!
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  • Big supermarkets refill stations
    To help reduce single use plastic!
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  • Coles: Stop giving tiny plastic products to children
    Coles is clearly not serious about plastic pollution if they think giving tiny plastic replicas of plastic products to children is okay. Coles has pledged to reduce their plastic packaging on fresh produce and has introduced a bag ban to “do the right thing for the environment”. Clearly not being serious about plastic pollution, they are giving out little, plastic-wrapped plastic toys to children, promoting processed, sugary and salty foods. These replicas of brand store products are more than likely to be thrown out. Not being conventionally recyclable, they will then end up in landfill or litter our environment, affecting nature and wildlife. This promotion is a perfect representation of how much Coles doesn’t care about polluting our environment and wasting valuable resources.
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  • No plastic online
    Online shopping is such a huge part of society now with the internet and globalisation. There is enough plastic pollution as it is and it will only continue to grow if we don't limit plastic where we can do it easily.
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  • Revolution to reduce environmental pollution in North Shore schools
    Australia's recycling system is not advanced enough for the recycling of certain plastics, we are the biggest greenhouse gas polluters per head and only have a population of approximately 24 million. These unrecyclable plastics do not decompose naturally in the environment, they break up into millions of tiny pieces and attract toxic chemicals which make burning them all the more dangerous. This campaign is crucial in order to encourage and engage high school students in sustainable practices, to reduce the plastic pollution in the North Shore in order to decrease carbon footprint, to encourage environmental sustainability in the Australian culture and to find affordable, accessible alternatives that will also improve the school's future spending.
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  • End the plastic binge in WA: Ban throw-away plastic straws and cutlery
    Plastic pollution is killing our marine life. Around 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every year. This plastic breaks down in smaller pieces over the centuries, but does not fully biodegrade. It lingers in our oceans, our waterways and even enters our food chain. 30% of the world’s turtles and 90% of seabird species have now ingested plastic debris, as well as 30% of Whales and Dolphins. In fact, it is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. One of the serious offenders is straws. Over 10 million straws are used per day in Australia. A great part of the plastic pollution comes from items we don't even really need, and that can easily be replaced by more sustainable alternatives. What is merely a convenience of a few minutes for us, becomes a threat to wildlife and to our own health. Places like Taiwan and Seattle have already decided to ban plastic straws. Let us step up too!
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  • Ban Microbeads in Australia
    Microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic that are often used as exfoliators and found in our soaps and body washes. These little pieces of plastic may seem harmless- but large quantities are flushed down our drains every day and find their way into our beautiful oceans. A not so fun fact: 8 trillion micro-beads enter our waterways everyday… enough plastic to cover 300 tennis courts. When our marine life unknowingly consumes micro-beads it not only causes horrific implications for aquatic organisms- it has started to find its way back up the food chain as we are consuming these toxic fish. Let's not destroy this earth more than it already has been. Let's ban microbeads!
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