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To: Minister for Foreign Affairs; Minister for the Environment

Australian government to put pressure on Japan to ban whaling

Australian government to put pressure on Japan to ban whaling

The Australian people strongly disagree with Japan's decision to begin the practice of commercial whaling after 30 years of international agreement.

The Australian Government needs to set up talks with Japan's government in order to convey the severity of their decision on the greater environment, including Australia's tourism industry should whale numbers be adversely effected as a result.

Australia needs to take a stronger stance on this, highlighting the views of the Australian people on this issue and to make country-to-country links.

Why is this important?

-Whaling is a dying industry in Japan with whale meat no longer a popular option and there is no use for whale oil, it makes no economic sense.

-Japanese tax payers will fit the bill for the subsidies required.

-We now know that some whales have and teach forms of ‘culture’ to their calves, including feeding strategies. Whaling could have more impact on populations than sheer numbers.

-Whales are necessary for healthy oceans, mixing, distributing nutrients and helping deal with the impacts of climate change.

-Whales form strong bonds to their family and pod members, it has been proven by biologist that they mourn the loss of their family.

-It is a cruel and torturous way for an intelligent animal who feels pain to die.

-Declining whale numbers have an impact on other countries tourism.


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Reasons for signing

  • We need to minimalise and mediate the industrialisation of whales and stop seeing this animal as a commodity. It is incredibly disrespectful to be treating animals as such and harshly impacts and imbalances the oceans eco-system. Tighter and stricture rules must be put in place when dealing with such an issue.


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