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To: Bayside Council

Bayside Council Victoria Breakfree from Fossil Fuels

Bayside Council Victoria Breakfree from Fossil Fuels

We ask the council to address the climate crisis by:

1. Declaring a state of climate emergency;
2. Committing to a target of 100% Renewable Energy for Council Operations by 2025; and
3. Committing to a target of net zero carbon emissions for the community by 2040.

Why is this important?

We are facing a climate catastrophe. Leading scientists have warned that we have less than 12 years to take emergency action on climate change, or we face the gravest threats to our local and global environment. The climate emergency is already all around us and is impacting our lives in so many ways - devastating droughts, floods, bushfires all over the country, deadly air pollution, and a reef on life support.

This is an emergency and we must act now.

Globally, several hundred cities/councils have already declared climate emergencies, and they are making an important and vital contribution to addressing the climate crisis. Bold climate action can deliver new green jobs and economic benefits, preserve wildlife and habitats, and improve the lives of people in our community.

By declaring a climate emergency, the council will show our community, the State and the Federal Government that urgent action is needed to restore a safe and healthy planet for ourselves and generations to come.

76 Royal Avenue, SANDRINGHAM 3191

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Reasons for signing

  • I care about our environment and what are we doing to help the future for the next generation.
  • Its the right thing to do - sustainable energy is not just the future - it should be the present and changing at local council level is proving to be an effective strategy across Australia in supporting a better long term future
  • Increase groundswell of awareness of danger of global warming.


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