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To: Coles

Coles: Stop giving tiny plastic products to children

Coles: Stop giving tiny plastic products to children

Dear Coles, stop giving tiny plastic products to children and start taking plastic pollution serious by pledging to not launch a promotion like this again.

Why is this important?

Coles is clearly not serious about plastic pollution if they think giving tiny plastic replicas of plastic products to children is okay.
Coles has pledged to reduce their plastic packaging on fresh produce and has introduced a bag ban to “do the right thing for the environment”.
Clearly not being serious about plastic pollution, they are giving out little, plastic-wrapped plastic toys to children, promoting processed, sugary and salty foods.
These replicas of brand store products are more than likely to be thrown out. Not being conventionally recyclable, they will then end up in landfill or litter our environment, affecting nature and wildlife. This promotion is a perfect representation of how much Coles doesn’t care about polluting our environment and wasting valuable resources.

How it will be delivered

We will print the signatures on recyclable paper and deliver them to Coles stores wrapped around unwanted plastic toys.

Reasons for signing

  • At the same time Coles stopped using single use plastic bags in NSW they launched the Mini Collectables promotion and now this. It’s ludicrous and shows a total disregard for the vital issue of plastic pollution, which is already so prevalent in so much we buy in their stores.
  • Plastic is taking up way too much space on the garbage dumps for the next 400 years. We need to put something else there. I'm pretty sure Coles is one of many who has the money to do something about it.
  • The world needs more plastic ....not


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