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To: Gladys Berejiklian, Premier of New South Wales

Divert Allianz Stadium funding to rehabilitating the Darling River

Divert Allianz Stadium funding to rehabilitating the Darling River

Dear Premier,

I'm asking you and the NSW Government to get your priorities straight. Please divert funding from the redevelopment of Allianz Stadium towards the Darling River and the people who are suffering as a result of this catastrophe.

I'm prepared to sacrifice the new stadium for our environment, and I hope you are too!

Why is this important?

Our choices reflect who we are.

Can we really be prioritising building a new football stadium when this rural community is suffering such a great loss?

We need to put people and our environment first, instead of blindly pursuing economic growth until it takes us over a cliff. This ecological disaster has many causes but the Royal Commission report into the management of the Murray Darling has said our politicians are more concerned with "politics rather than science".

By ignoring the catastrophic risks of climate change and putting profit before people, one million fish have washed up in the rivers. We cannot allow this to happen again!

The football stadium redevelopments have been pushed through and have little public support. I would imagine they have no support in the bush.

I believe in saving our ecosystems. Join with me as we demand that the Premier and the NSW Government get their priorities straight. Fish over football stadiums!

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petition to the NSW Government.

New South Wales, Australia

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Reasons for signing

  • Coz together we can all make a difference it's our land n our voices should b heard
  • God didn't give us this beautiful gift called earth just so we can trample all over it. We must respect it and be good stewards of our land. If our government can repetitively spend billions on unsuccessful projects, then they can SURELY fix this issue!
  • Please sign to help the people and wildlife connected the Murray Darling River


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