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To: James Brindley, Managing Director of Lion Beer Australia

Lion: Commit to 100% renewable energy for your breweries & factories

Lion: Commit to 100% renewable energy for your breweries & factories

We're calling on Lion to commit to using 100% renewable energy across its operations – in all of its breweries and food and beverage factories.

Why is this important?

We love beer, and we love Lion brands (Little Creatures is a personal favourite)! But we don't like climate change, and we don't want our beloved beer to be produced using the electricity generated from burning climate-wrecking coal. We want our beer to be clean, refreshing, and 100% renewable!

‘Solar-powered beer’ is achievable! Carlton United Breweries have already commited to sourcing 100 per cent of their electricity from renewables from 2020.

Lion is already 100% renewable in NSW. We want them to take this commitment nation-wide – from the West End brewery in Adelaide all the way to their Little Creatures breweries in Geelong and Fremantle.
Creating a world powered by clean renewable energy will require leadership from companies. Lion could be that leader.

Reasons for signing

  • Invitation to support the initiative initiative to abolish the garbage fee by taxing the packaging not an association and do not need donations - we need people


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