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To: Mount Alexander Shire Residents

Mount Alexander Shire Climate Pledge

Mount Alexander Shire Climate Pledge

Take the Pledge.

The Climate Emergency requires urgent action by everybody everywhere, so I pledge to play my part and:

Campaign for change - use my voice to encourage politicians and businesses to take urgent action.

Check out each political party's climate change policies before deciding how to vote - and check out all my local, state and federal candidates for office.

Switch to a 100% green electricity provider to support investment in renewable energy.

Insulate my home to reduce energy required for heating and cooling.

Change how I travel - fly less, drive less, cycle more, take the train.

Buy less stuff.

Work with my local Council and community groups to reach a Mt. Alexander Community Zero Net Emissions target. An easy first step is to print out the flyers in the folder below, to publicly show your support:

MACET (Mt Alexander Climate Emergency Team) For further information contact 0414 384 961

Why is this important?

This Pledge page is designed to work in conjunction with the campaign to ask Mount Alexander Shire Council to Declare a Climate Emergency. Please note, MACET intends the Pledge items as a non-exhaustive, thought-provoking list which may help spark community conversation, as well as self-reflection and behaviour changes. We are aware that there are other significant ways to reduce our emissions, e.g. eating sustainably.

The Climate Emergency requires us all to step up and play a part in creating a more sustainable future. A safe climate will not be achieved if our behaviour remains unchanged. By taking this pledge, you are demonstrating to Mount Alexander Shire Council your commitment to being a strong voice and active participant in our community for climate issues.

Mount Alexander Shire

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Reasons for signing

  • Invitation to support the initiative initiative to abolish the garbage fee by taxing the packaging not an association and do not need donations - we need people
  • Working together to reduce our impact on the earth is critical
  • I do not no but I like it


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