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To: The Future Premier of South Australia

Remediate the Northern Power Station site and save Bird Lake

The Dustbusters were able to get a public commitment to full and proper remediation by the South Australian Liberal Party in the lead up to the State Election. With the party having won the election the Dustbusters will be making sure the new Government stick to their promise!

Remediate the Northern Power Station site and save Bird Lake

We call on Jay Weatherill (Labor) to commit to full and proper remediation of the closed Port Augusta Northern Power Station site if elected Premier.

Why is this important?

Port Augusta continues to suffer the economic, health and environmental consequences of the closure of the local coal-fired power station. The ash dam is no longer being kept damp to control dust and just after Christmas in 2016, horrible fly ash coated our houses and businesses - while Bird Lake, which used to receive the water that flowed over the ash dam to keep it wet, is now so dry it causes an unimaginable smell to waft across the town. Since that first Christmas we have suffered multiple dust storms, including as recently as 27th December 2017 - exactly one year after our town was subjected to its first torment. How long must we live in uncertainty and fear?

The next premier of SA - ALP, SA Best or Liberal - needs to commit to full and proper remediation of the site and rescue our community from the science experiment Flinders Power and the EPA have left us in for the past 2 years.

Full and proper remediation must include:
The restoration of the physical site, including Bird Lake and the ash dams, to a best practice standard, independently verified and in consultation with the community. This includes short term management measures to deal with dust events.
Investigation and remedying of health effects caused by the plant and its closure.
First priority given to the safety and wellbeing of the community during the process.

For the health of the community, Port Augusta must not be subjected to another horrific event where dust and stench become part of our everyday living. We call on the government to fix this mess once and for all so that the community can move forward together.

Port Augusta, South Australia, Australia

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Reasons for signing

  • Clean fresh healthy air for everyone. This beautiful oz should admired by all & cared by some. History will judge us long after we are gone. Think long term not short. We all need to breath....
  • Because we need to share good fortune, be responsible for ourselves and look ahead for our children's' sake. And that applies to everyone of course!
  • SA is a state we love to visit and I have friends who live near Port A The Government should be looking after the welfare of these residents and the environment


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