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To: All members of the community, in particular members of north shore schools

Revolution to reduce environmental pollution in North Shore schools

Revolution to reduce environmental pollution in North Shore schools

Single-use plastic wastage is a significant problem facing our society, and as members of such huge communities such as schools in the north shore, we have a particularly large impact - but also the chance to make a bigger improvement, and set an example to the rest of the community.

We are asking you to increase the awareness on contemporary environmental issues we are facing today. Obviously, each school has its limits on what it’s able to achieve but here are some examples of ways we can preserve our beautiful land:

- Exchanging plastic cutlery, straws and single use plastic containers for a sustainable alternative (e.g. thermoplastics, eco napkins, compostable cutlery, paper straws)
- Selling reusable coffee cups to students and reducing cost of coffee when they purchase those cups
- Encouraging composting at our schools to reduce unnecessary food waste
- Increase the number of recycling bins at schools for the recyclable containers and plastic bottles to reduce the number of recyclable plastics sent to landfill

Why is this important?

Australia's recycling system is not advanced enough for the recycling of certain plastics, we are the biggest greenhouse gas polluters per head and only have a population of approximately 24 million. These unrecyclable plastics do not decompose naturally in the environment, they break up into millions of tiny pieces and attract toxic chemicals which make burning them all the more dangerous. This campaign is crucial in order to encourage and engage high school students in sustainable practices, to reduce the plastic pollution in the North Shore in order to decrease carbon footprint, to encourage environmental sustainability in the Australian culture and to find affordable, accessible alternatives that will also improve the school's future spending.

North Shore, Sydney NSW, Australia

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Reasons for signing

  • Invitation to support the initiative initiative to abolish the garbage fee by taxing the packaging not an association and do not need donations - we need people
  • We are to Demonstrate Guardianship over our precious Planet 🌍 and it’s majestic creatures. This is OUR Responsibility.
  • Madeleine Dawson


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