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To: Minister Dan Van Holst Pellekaan

Save the Flinders Ranges

Save the Flinders Ranges

1. Visit and support the campaign

2. Stop threatening the Flinders Ranges Communities with the dangerous Leigh Creek Energy Project.

3. Respect commitments made to the Communities which have not been met.

4. Respect the Traditional Adnyamathanha Elders who wish to protect this sacred site.

5. Respect the laws of South Australia which are not being adhered to.

Why is this important?

The iconic Flinders Ranges hosts rare bird and mammal species which deserve protecting and the UCG Industry is known to be hazardous as seen from the Queensland Linc Energy disaster.

Chinese investment that threatens water, life and communities is not welcome and political/corporate partnerships than enable this need to be banned Australia wide.

Reasons for signing

  • It is important to save and preserve the natural state of this country
  • Leave that land alone!
  • That is Aboriginal land. That us our land. We don't want your money. Leave our land alone


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