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To: Andrew Wilcox

Save the Sharks in the Whitsundays

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Save the Sharks in the Whitsundays

Dear Mr Wilcox,

Please stop the unnecessary killing of sharks in the Whitsundays. It is extremely sad and unfortunate that 2 people were attacked, but killing innocent sharks is not going to change what happened. Nor is it going to stop others from snorkelling the beautiful reef. We live and play alongside all the animals who inhabit our world and there are many dangers associated with this. We can't just eliminate all the dangers to us. From a political standpoint, I feel you would gain more popularity saving the sharks than destroying them. Officials should monitor the waters and warn people not to swim near a whale carcass that would obviously attract more feeding sharks. We need to be aware that more sharks are present during whale season. Prevention by these methods would be beter than a slaughter after the event.

Why is this important?

Sharks not only deserve to live but have a major roll in keeping the balance in our oceans. Without them our marine ecosystems would collapse.We can't as humans kill innocent animals just because we fear them.We need to understand that we live together on this planet.

Whitsundays QLD, Australia

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Reasons for signing

  • We need to save the sharks!!! If you care about sharks, please sign!
  • I signed in because sharks are amazing animals and they deserve to have equal respect like humans💜💜💜
  • I think it is wrong to kill sharks because of fear


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