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To: The NSW Premier

Stop the Nets in NSW

The New South Wales Government has installed killer marine nets across five northern NSW beaches. Unscientific nets that don’t protect beach-goers, but do trap and kill precious marine life.

Sign the petition to tell the NSW Premier that when effective alternatives already exist, it makes no sense to use outdated methods that slaughter sea life and don’t protect people.

Why is this important?

We all love the beach, and people's safety is paramount. But the science shows these gillnets (otherwise know has beach nets or shark nets) don't make people safer. Instead, they indiscriminately capture and kill creatures like whales, dolphins and turtles.

In fact, these kinds of harmless and iconic species account for more than 77% of marine life caught by nets in 2014/15. And for the majority of these creatures, these nets are lethal.

In 2015, NSW Premier Mike Baird was a champion on this issue. He brought scientists and the community together to talk about beach safety in northern NSW. And after extensive talks and pressure from people like you, he made the decision “based on science, not emotion” to not expand nets along the beach. But, in 2016 he backflipped and decided to five more lethal nets along the coast.

Now, the new Premier must listen to the tens of thousands of people calling for the nets to be removed.

People power has stopped these unscientific nets before - we can stop them again!

It starts here and now. Sign the petition to tell the NSW Premier that we do not support the expansion of lethal nets along NSW.

How it will be delivered

This summer, we will build a movement to show the Premier that the people of NSW, and Australia, overwhelming support scientifically based methods that protect both humans and marine life.

End the expansion of lethal nets in northern NSW.

New South Wales

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Reasons for signing

  • Save our ecosystem!
  • killing marine life is sad
  • Because think of yourself as a shark and you accidently swim into a net that was never there before and you are scared that you are going to die. That I wh signed


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