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To: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Stop Destroying Australia's Environment. Extinction Is Rampant In Australia.

Stop Destroying Australia's Environment.  Extinction Is Rampant In Australia.

We demand a clean and sustainable environment where ecological communities thrive and prosper. As oppose to the current deforestation and land clearing that is occurring at an unprecedented rate around Australia and around the world right now.

Australians want strong national nature laws that end extinction and an independent watchdog to enforce them.

Current Government Environmental Regulatory Departments Are Toothless Tigers And Pressured, Persuaded By Industry And Big Business To the Detriment Of The Fauna, Flora And The Wider Environment.

We will not tolerate the current environmental destruction combined governments over the decades have caused and are currently causing the Australian Oceans, Forests, Bushland and Wildlife.

So far the government have directly and indirectly POISONED our water, food, land, waterways, oceans and air.

We the people of Australia demand an immediate halt to the current environmental devastation the government, industry and big business are inflicting right now.

Why is this important?

Australia has the worst mammal extinction rate of any country in the world, and the bushfires of summer 2019-20 have only made it much worse. Over 12 million hectares of vital bushland and habitat were destroyed in the fires that swept across our country and nearly 3 billion animals impacted by the blazes.

Australia’s deforestation front ranks in the global top 10, alongside Borneo, the Amazon and the Congo. It’s primarily driven by agriculture, mining and urban development.

“Australia’s greatest animal welfare crisis.” - Says the RSPCA
As the only developed country with a deforestation front, it's no surprise Australia’s mammal extinction rates are the highest in the world. Even iconic native species, like the koala and the greater glider, are on the road to extinction.

Australia has an estimated 600,000 species of flora and fauna. Of these, about 100 are known to have gone extinct in the last 200 years. Currently, more than 1,770 are listed as threatened or endangered.

We need to end extinction and we need to end it now, tomorrow will be too late.


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